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Diversity in Accounting & Finance

"In accounting, like other professions in the UK, traditional beliefs about the ideal professional, such as the ability to work long hours and prioritise commercial relationship building, have long privileged the career progression of white males. Efforts to tackle exclusionary practices and improve representativeness, particularly among the senior elite within professions, are continuing. While the accounting profession is responding to the diversity agenda, the overall picture we have seen regarding responses and outcomes is uneven, especially around change management at more senior levels. "
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What Diverse Accounting & Finance Skills do we host?

Senior Appointments

HR Director, Recruitment Director, Chief People Officer,


Tax accountant, Forensic accountant, CPA, Accounting officer, Cost accountant, General accountant, Managerial accountant.


Financial auditor, Internal auditor, Compliance auditor, Audit manager, Revenue tax specialist, Assurance manager, Senior auditor.

Financial analysts

Investment analyst, Real estate analyst, Trust officer, Securities analyst, Financial advisor, Portfolio manager.


MI Analyst, Compliance Manager, Insolvency Practitioner, Finance Manager, Project Manager, KYC, AML.

Corporate Finance

Investor Relations, M&A Advisors, Private Equity, Due Diligence, Risk, Portfolio Managers, Economist.


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