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Our teams have been pioneering diversity and inclusion practices for over 12 years. We exclusively work with clients who are passionate about encouraging candidates from all backgrounds and circumstances in applying for their roles.

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Inclusive IT and Digital Teams

"While the diversity and inclusion movement has made some gains in the last few years, it has still suffered severe setbacks. On one hand, tech employees are recognizing their immense power when they speak up and organize. On the other hand, those accused of sexual harassment and misconduct are too often facing too few consequences. Meanwhile, people of color and women still receive too little venture funding, and tech companies are inching along at a glacial pace toward diverse representation and inclusion."
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What Diverse IT and Digital Skills do we host?

Senior Appointments

Chief Finance Officers, Finance Directors, Turnaround, Strategy Consultants, Board, Non Executive Directors (NEDs)


Python, Java, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, Objective-C, C++, C#, Full Stack, Open Stack, PHP, SQL, SWIFT,.

Cyber Security

Director Of Cyber Security, Firewall Engineer, Information Security Auditor, Information Security Specialist, IT Security Manager, IT Security Officer, Junior Security Engineer.

Data and Privacy

Analytics Director, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer / Architect, BI developer / Analyst, Web Analyst, Insight Director, Research Analyst.

Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning

Machine learning engineer, Blockchain Developer, DAPPs, DEFI, Research analyst, computational statistics, mathematical optimisation, data mining.


Azure Engineer, AWS Architect, IT Infrastructure Engineer, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Line Support, Systems Administrator, Linux, Biztalk.


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