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BAME Diversity & Inclusion in Government Jobs

"Government is not just failing to promote nonwhite employees, it is failing to hire them into professional positions in the first place. Black and other employees of color make up 53% of clerical positions but only 31% of the professional workforce, according to OPM’s FedScope data. People of color also aren’t equally represented across the executive branch."
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What Diverse Goverment Jobs do we host?


Claims Handler, Compliance, Senior Adviser, Estimators, Project Managers, Police, Solicitors, Consultants.


Early Years, Teachers, Primary Education, SEN, Newly Qualified Teacher, Maths Teacher, English Teacher, Nursery, Science Teacher.


Nursing, Midwifery, Medical, Dental, Emergency Services, Allied Health, Health Science, Support Services, Volunteers.

Government & Public Services

Chief inspector, Child protection officer, Civil Service administrative officer, Civil Service executive officer, Criminologist, Environmental health officer, Food manufacturing inspector, Immigration officer, Ofsted inspector, Prisons

Local Government

Social Workers, Surveyor, Project Management, Planning, Housing, Council, Procurement, Building Controls, Legal.

Central Government

Chief Executives, Policy Advisors, Non Executives, Parliament Clerks, Committee Team Leaders, Research Officers.

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