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The purpose of this role is to review and improve equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and to promote and support the engagement of women and their children from underrepresented or minoritised groups. We are looking for a dynamic communicator and organised individual who is passionate about diversity and inclusion and wants to drive change and improve our service to suit all who need us. The successful candidate will be passionate about our client’s mission, which includes ending violence against women and their children, as well as improving access and support for disadvantaged and minoritised groups and individuals. Main Duties: * As an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Engagement Officer, you will work closely with both staff, communities and specialised organisations to improve equality and inclusion both internally and externally * You will identify, engage and work with survivors, individuals, groups, communities and neighbourhoods which are currently marginalised and are not accessing our services * You will work with identified groups to coproduce materials which are accessible and meets their particular needs * Alongside Senior Management evaluate existing equality, diversity and inclusion provision, bringing in external expertise where needed * Work with HR and Senior Management to develop and deliver an action plan including training, policy and procedure review, and activities for internal improvements in line with equality legislation and good practice * Apply and promote diversity initiatives and share best practice * Support Senior Management to evaluate and improve systems for reporting any incidents of discrimination and ensure that best practice is applied throughout our services * Review quality and implementation of policy at corporate and service level * Work alongside an external evaluator to assess progress and impact * Use existing feedback, research, gap analyses and own research to scope new partnerships and networks with specialist groups and organisations, and bring in external expertise to inform and improve our service, improve collaboration and cross-referrals, and raise awareness of services * Interact with people at all levels and from a range of backgrounds * Present reports and recommendations * Prepare and deliver presentations and workshops to staff, stakeholders and partner organisations. General Responsibilities: * All workers have a responsibility to work alongside colleagues to maintain a high standard of service delivery * Attend meetings as necessary * Participate in the supervision system * Represent and promote its ethos; work in a positive way and feedback fully to the organisation * Contribute to monitoring and reports * Undertake training to update skills in line with CWA’s training and development policy * To maintain anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory work practices * Abide by confidentiality policy * To ensure that personal behaviour demonstrates integrity, openness, honesty, is anti-oppressive, non-judgmental, and supports diversity * Take responsibility for inputting and storing data, and compliance with GDPR * Understand multi-agency partnership structures and work within a multi-agency setting * Comply with data protection legislation, confidentiality and information sharing policy and procedures and all legislation connected to your work * Support colleagues and partner agencies, through awareness raising and institutional advocacy, in order to provide the best possible service for victims of violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence. * Respect and value the diversity of the community in which the services work and recognise the needs and concerns of a diverse range of clients, ensuring the service is accessible to all For more information please contact Acorn Recruitment acts as an employment agency for permanent recruitment.

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